Platform Infrastructure Engineer

Full Time New York NY ADP


Job Title: Platform Infrastructure Engineer


Location: New York, NY


Job Duties:


ADP Technology Services, Inc. seeks a Platform Infrastructure Engineer at our New York, New York location. Responsibilities: Design and implement self-service interfaces to software infrastructure and build pipelines. Automate infrastructure and configuration management. Meet reliability and capacity requirements while exposing cost implications. Participate in timely post-mortems of software production incidents. Deliver automated and predictive software solutions for client offerings. Build out the core frameworks of the metadata-driven platform being developed in-house, including building out the Source Control. Spearhead Proofs of Concept (POC's) on the latest technologies. Choose the right technology tools for building software frameworks.

Education & Experience Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field plus (1) one year of related experience.

Work Experience:

One (1) year of experience must include: AWS Cloud; Container Technology, including Docker; Container Orchestration, including Kubernetes, EKS or ECS; Serverless Technology, including AWS Lambda or Knative; Developing and Monitoring distributed systems; Microservices Architecture; Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tools, including Jenkins or Argo; IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tools, including Terraform or CloudFormation; C++, Ruby on Rails, GO, JavaScript and Python; and JavaScript frameworks, including Angular.js, Backbone.js or Ember.js.




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