Senior Software Engineer

Full Time New York NY WeWork

WeWork is hiring an experienced senior front-end software engineer to build and maintain Hundreds of thousands of potential members around the world would search spaces at WeWork locations globally, look for ideas to nurture their entrepreneurial dreams, have a virtual tour and experience the workspace of tomorrow, find solutions to meet their business needs and work efficiently while in our spaces. WeWork is adapting to the realities of COVID-19 and seeking to support new members and new flexibility in the co-working space, and our technology must rapidly adapt to support the business. 


This role will be working on an established team of experienced engineers responsible for multiple applications and will have a direct impact on executive-level initiatives.

Who You Are 

  • Enjoy systems designing through leading designs of major software components, systems, and features owned by the team.

  • Able to utilize design, coding patterns, tools, and frameworks, and methods to facilitate effectively meeting the team sprint objectives and the overall quarterly team objectives.

  • Can drive feature development end-to-end and deliver projects in a fast-moving and dynamic environment.

  • Can work independently to collaborate with peers across the organization.

  • Mantor and provide support to the junior team members.

  • Comfortable partnering with product, design, and peer engineering leads and managers.

  • Interested in indirectly influencing beyond functional boundaries, such as with product on technical feasibility and roadmap, or with test engineering on tooling and execution needs.

  • Eager to align correlated systems across squads on common API patterns, practices, or other instrumentation.


  • 6+ years of experience developing modern web applications deployed globally in different languages.

  • Strong knowledge and experience using JavaScript ES6+ 

  • Strong experience using Single Pages Application technologies (React, TypeScript is a plus) and CSS extensions Sass or Less.

  • Designed and developed backend services using NodeJS, Typescript, or RoR/Java/Kotlin/Go supporting front-end clients.

  • Experience writing unit and end to end tests with frameworks like Jest and Puppeteer

  • Comfortable with AWS, PostgreSQL, Docker, CircleCI, npm, yarn, Kubernetes, and Github.

  • Enjoy working in an Agile development environment and taking initiatives in improving systems for the sake of your teammates and our users.

  • Nice to have experience with integrating CMS such as Contentful or WordPress.

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